I'm that guy, in that movie, that does that thing

I came to this conclusion yesterday.  I’d had my suspicions, but I really bought into it last night.  Which guy?  I’m the guy in that movie knocked up.  The one that got the chick pregnant, only I wish I had $162 in my bank account.

For the record, no, my hunnay is not pregnant.  Much like the chick in that movie however, my girlfriend is very successful.  She is going places with her career and what she does has a direct impact on just about everyone in the state of Texas.  I have an impact on nothing, nada, zilch.  My “career” is at a standstill.  I need to get myself in gear, and get me a decent job and all that sort of thing.  Basically, I need to grow up, like the guy in that movie did.