Weird stuff

Yesterday was a weird night.  What made it weird were these two groups of passengers.  One group, was a couple of guys that I picked up at the Super 8 motel on I-35 and 12th street.  They wanted to make a quick stop at the Hilton and then they wanted me to take them to the Village Inn on South Congress Avenue.  Along the way, we stopped at HEB (a grocery store) where they bought condoms, lube and some other essentials.  One of the guys was a very eloquent and well spoken white dude, and the other guy was a black guy that looked and smelled like he was homeless. Weird shite.  On a side note, while I was waiting for them to come out of HEB, some long haired hippy comes up to the car and wants to know if I’m handicapped.  I was partially blocking access to one of 8 open handicapped parking spots while I was waiting for my customers and this hippy took it upon himself to be all T.J. Hooker on me.  I told him I was waiting on an STS customer and hippy walked away.

The other group, were these guys that got in at the La Quinta on 183 and I-35.  They too wanted to go to the Hilton downtown.  On our way over there, they start talking about dating, about making posters, about how it was cool that people were open to dating like that.  They then started talking about bones and carbon and then it became clear that they were not talking about dating in the traditional sense, but rather they were talking about scientific dating.  Lo and behold, these guy were all archeologists talking about different methods for dating samples.

Anyway, the most quote worthy event, was this one guy that got into the car in front of the Continental Club.  There were already 3 people in the back seat, so he had to get in front.  I had all my stuff in the front seat, so I was moving some of it off from there when the guy just plops his ass down on the seat next to me before I managed to clear everything off it.  As he’s sitting down he says:

“Don’t worry, I have a small ass.”

What a freak.