I will call on my fully sick boys

Gotta love the Australians.  Just so you know, a “wog” is Australian slang for anyone that is not white.

Apparently, that girl is the new media darling/ sensation in Australia. Some people are saying that she’s an embarrasment to the country, and others are saying that the video shows what the ordinary Australtian really is. I just think the sound effects are funny.


  1. Joe Blow says

    wog is not an Aussie term for non-whites, it’s actually a British term for east Indians/Pakistanis that means “Wages on Government” and it has been obviously appropriated in Australia. Nice try but you’ve got it wrong. Generally, wog is only referring to Indians or Pakistanis, possibly Sri Lankans, or some other South Asians.

  2. says

    Thank you for the explanation. I got it from an Australian that a wog was a derogatory term for someone that was not white and I took that at face value.

  3. Yank Tank says

    In Australia, wog is often used to describe people of Southern European or Middle Eastern descent as well as non-whites. Greeks in particular are often called wogs. In Australia, the term wog is more about ethnicity than race. Someone can be white and still be a “wog”.

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